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*All in-person classes are currently held via Zoom due to Covid-19*


My yoga classes consist of simple postures, co-ordination of movement and breath, and techniques of deep relaxation and mindfulness for stress relief and centering. When you enter my class, I want you to feel fully welcomed and respected as you are. I believe that the practice of yoga must be continuously adapted to meet the needs of the individual, including physical and mental capacities, priorities and goals, even season of life. 


The style of yoga I teach is not concerned with the external look of a pose, but rather how the  pose can support  functional movement in the body, facilitate neural repatterning, and lay the groundwork for integration of mind, body and soul.


All of my classes are offered as monthly series that start fresh at the beginning of each month, and class size is kept very small. I do this intentionally to allow for the kind of time and communication that this individually tailored kind of practice requires. If you'd like to come try a class before you commit, and see if this is the right space for you, please do get in touch!

My Weekly Schedule


My current schedule of live-streamed Zoom classes below.

Please email for more information
on how to join a class!


Tuesday, 4:30 - 5:40pm - Breath Centered Yoga


Tuesday, 6pm - 7:10 - Gentle + Restorative
(more calm, less movement)


Thursday, 4:30 - 5:40pm - Breath Centered Yoga


Thursday, 6pm - 7:10 - Mindful Flow
(more movement + strength)

Saturdays, 9am - 10:20 - Breath Centered Yoga

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