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Live Classes:


In person or via Zoom!



OR IN PERSON AT Sacramento Yoga Center!


All of my classes are offered as monthly series that start fresh at the beginning of each month, and class size is kept small. I do this intentionally to allow for the kind of time and communication that this individually tailored kind of practice requires. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED (see below for pricing.) If you'd like to come try a class before you commit, and see if this is the right space for you, email to register:



TUESDAY 4:30 - 5:40

THURSDAY 4:30 - 5:40

SATURDAY 8:30 - 9:30

Classes are held via Zoom or in person at: 

Sacramento Yoga Center, inside Sierra 2 Community Center

2791 24th Street, Room 6

In-person classes held at: Sierra 2 Community Center2791 24th St, Sacramen


Sessions are charged by the month, and cost depends on how many classes are in the month, and if you're coming virtually or in person. We take every second Saturday off of yoga so everyone can have a weekend with no commitments, so a typical Saturday series is three sessions.


We call in person attendance "hybrid" because if you can't make it in person, you can also come via Zoom. Both options include a recording of the class that you can access for three months. Here's how the two ways to attend break down in a typical month, when there are four classes: (a typical month for Saturdays would be three classes.)



*Four week series = $75/month

($15 per class + $15 monthly to help cover rent)

*Attend in person at Sierra 2 Center OR via Zoom

*Includes access to a recording of class for three months



*Four week series = $65/month

($15 per class + $5 monthly to help cover Zoom)

*Attend via Zoom

*Includes access to a recording of the class for three months


email to register:

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